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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    At Mary Butterworth we are proud to offer our students a variety of clubs and activities to meet the diverse needs and interests of our student population.  Some of the current clubs we offer are: 

    • Library Club
    • Service Club
    • Citadel Club
    • Intramurals
    • Yearbook
    • Science Club
    • Ski Club
    • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Club
    • LGBTQ Club
    • Social Justice Club 

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    At Mary Butterworth School we focus on improving teaching and learning.  Staff use proven, research-based teaching strategies and assessment practices to help students reach their potential. Students are expected to be strategic readers.  They should understand what they are expected to learn and be able to explain their mastery of the learning expectations.  ‌


    For more information, please read our Student Rights and Responsibilities.

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  • School Profile

    School Profile

    Mary Butterworth is situated in the community of Castle Downs. We are a Junior High School with a populaton of approximately 450 students.  Mary Butterworth primarily draws students from the Beaumaris, Baturyn, Dunluce, Lorieli and Lago Lindo neighbourhoods.  Mary Butterworth is also the catchment school for students residing in the Chambery, Elsinore, Canossa, Rapperswill and Albany communities.  Mary Butterworth is also a district special needs site for Opportunity and Behaviour Learning Assistance Grades 7-9.  We are also proud to offer Pre Advanced Placement for Grades 7-9 and a Knowledge and Employability program at Grade 8 and 9.  

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At Mary Butterworth, we provide students with meaningful opportunities to explore their interests, discover their talents and grow academically. Together, we work collaboratively with families to ensure each student achieves their full potential.  We offer:


• a talented and caring staff

• an abundance of technology - SMART Boards, Chromebooks, wireless networks

• a monthly student recognition program

• instruction that focuses on developing students’ citizenship skills

• support for students and their families through community partnerships



Principal's Message

Welcome to Mary Butterworth School

At Mary Butterworth School we believe all students have the right to high quality learning environments and to learning opportunities that are relevant to them now, and in their futures.  Our staff are committed to providing extra-curricular opportunities for students to allow them to grow as individuals, and to become contributing members of our community.

Mary Butterworth School is a positive and caring school  that values the relationships we have with our students, our families and our school community.  We have high expectations of our students and challenge them to be the best they can be academically, physically, socially and emotionally.

It is our goal to provide outstanding opportunities for each student to grow academically, physically, socially and emotionally.  We strive to provide the very best assessment practices that support academic growth and for our students to become engaged in their learning.

Parents and guardians will receive information related to special school events, meetings, and other information via SchoolZone.epsb.ca.  SchoolZone also gives families access to school information, report cards, attendance information and specific classroom news.  If you require a password for SchoolZone, or assistance with using it, please contact the office.

As students are more successful in all aspects of school when families, the school community and the school are connected we strongly encourage you to participate in school events throughout the year.  We look forward to working with you this year and in the years to come.



Cathy Taylor,