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Pre Advanced Placement

Mary Butterworth School is pleased to offer Pre-Advanced Placement, an academically enriched program with an emphasis on academic performance that seeks to prepare students for greater intellectual engagement. This program provides a rich and exciting curriculum, helping students develop analytical thinking and writing skills. 


 Mary Butterworth’s Pre-AP students are engaged in active, high level thinking skills, fostering an appreciation for inquiry, learning, high quality work and diligent effort. The program is designed for students who are considering pursuing post secondary education, and provides preparation for Advanced Placement Programs in high school.

Students are well suited for this program if they:

  • Want a more academically enriched program
  • Are currently achieving  honors or near-honors in core classes
  • Have a well established work ethic
  • Are enthusiastic, self directed and capable of handling an accelerated pace of learning
  • Enjoy being challenged
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity over a broad range of subjects and interests
  • Are reflective and deliberate in their thinking

Learn more about the Pre-AP program on our 2021-2022 Open House Website.